Fees & Pricing

Legal fees are a necessary cost of doing business; however, I strive to offer affordable service. I offer discounts to Fellows and Resident Physicians because I respect and appreciate your dedication.  My fee starts as a flat fee and then IF you utilize more than one (1) hour of consultation (whether by email or phone), then your continued consultation will be billed at a very competitive rate of $250/hour. 

Residents and Fellows enjoy a discounted introductory fee of $600 while Practicing physician contract analysis fees start at $1,000. Your fee entitles you to one (1) hour of consultation with me to discuss your contract and other aspects of your prospective employment. If you utilize more than one (1) hour of consultation, then you are required to pay for all consultation time in excess of one hour at an hourly rate of $250/hour, billed in 15-minute increments.

Most physicians and healthcare professionals do not need more than one hour of consultation and some do not need consultation because of the exhaustive nature of my analysis, but I am here for you if you need additional consultation, revisions, or negotiation assistance.​ 

Please contact me if you are unsure about whether you are choosing the contract service that best suits your needs. If you need a guaranteed turnaround, please let me know and we can discuss expedited service package options. Standard turnaround is ten business days. If time is of the essence then you can request a 24-hour turnaround (add $1,000), a 48-hour turnaround (add $800), or a 72-hour turnaround (add $600).

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